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Submit Claim Form now to receive reimbursement for Barbara's Bakery class action settlement

Posted: September 17, 2013 |   Comments

( If you purchased a Barbara's Bakery product between 2008 and 2013, you could be able to claim as much as $100 from a class action settlement.

The settlement resolves a class action lawsuit brought against the company for allegedly mislabeling its cereal and snack products as "all natural," despite containing genetically modified ingredients.

Barbara's Bakery denies the allegations but has agreed to resolve the litigation by offering up to $100 in reimbursements to consumers and removing the terms "all natural," "no artificial additives," "no artificial preservatives" and "no artificial flavors" from its packaging on foods that contain GMOs or artificial ingredients. A Final Fairness Hearing for the settlement will be held November 8, 2013.

Class Members of the settlement include all U.S. consumers who purchased eligible products between May 23, 2008, and July 5, 2013. Click here to see a full list of eligible products.

Class Members must submit a valid Claim Form before January 2, 2014, to receive compensation of up to $100. The amount reimbursed will depend on the total amount of money the consumer spent on eligible products during the Class Period.

Claim Forms and additional information can be found here.

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