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Does Botox help MS symptoms?

Posted: July 3, 2012 |   Comments

(Reuters Health) - Botox injections may provide some relief from arm tremors caused by multiple sclerosis, according to a small study published Monday. Botulinum toxin type A is sold under different brands, but it's best known by the Allergan brand-name Botox.

Botox gained fame for smoothing aging skin -- by blocking nerve signals and relaxing muscles under the skin -- but the product has a number of medical uses. In the U.S., Botox is approved to treat conditions like chronic migraine, excessive sweating and certain symptoms of MS: overactive bladder and muscles spasms in the arms.

The new study, published in the journal Neurology, tested the effects of Botox injections on MS-related arm tremors, which affect up to two-thirds of people with MS. Researchers found that when they gave injections to 23 patients, the treatment typically eased their tremors and improved their writing ability.

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