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New app True Tyme helps users connect to nature and re-set circadian rhythms

Posted: July 13, 2012 |   Comments

Chronobiology studies are increasingly showing how our biological clocks may harm us. "Social Jet Lag" (social factor-based disrupted circadian rhythms) can cause obesity and a woman risks becoming infertile, should her body clock become out of touch with each new day's rising and setting of the sun. But there is also good news. Courageous use of chronobiology can produce almost miraculous results. Chronotherapy (such as factoring time of day and night into the administration of cancer drug treatments) can often raise effectiveness of drug use and reduce side effects. Light therapy helps Parkinson's, etc.

Corporate mechanical time, time zones and Daylight Saving Time each conspire to get in the way of biological clocks knowing natural time. Jackie and Yale Landsberg, founders of The Better Tymes Project and Better Tymes For Women, think men and, even more so, women now more than ever need to fight back.
The Landsbergs are not just hoping for a better times revolution. As a woman's circadian rhythm affects her menstrual cycle and her menstrual cycle affects her circadian rhythm, their unique TrueTyme Android body clock app, widget and live wallpaper uses patented "sun both above and below the horizon" symbols (optionally, "moon above and below" ones too) that tell a user's mind and brain where she, or he, is in two kinds of natural time.

Yale hopes that adding TrueTyme's kind of natural day times and night times to many treatments for many kinds of circadian rhythm-related problems might help even more, "... especially for baby-boomers and the elderly, who tend to not see dawn and dusk blue light adequately twice a day due to the yellowing of the lenses of their eyes."

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