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Teach Me How To Breast Feed - Educational music video an entertaining success

Posted: August 23, 2013 |   Comments

( There is a lot of information out there about breastfeeding and how important this natural practice is to a baby's health. Benefits to breast feeding include helping good bacteria colonize the baby's gut and giving the infant the right nutrition that it needs to grow.

Now, a new YouTube parody video posted by TaNefer Lumukanda on August 2, 2013, aims to introduce this wonderful practice to young women who might otherwise not be informed. On her blog, Lumukanda writes that the video, "Teach Me How To Breastfeed," was inspired by breastfeeding classes she taught at WIC. Lumukanda is a hospital-based Lactation Consultant, and the information she provides in her video is consistent with what she tells her patients.

Lumukanda writes: "I wanted to provide accurate and positive information about breastfeeding in a way that would capture people's attention and brighten up their day. I know how hard breastfeeding can be in the first few days, but I also know it can get better with support. If a new mom anywhere in the world can relate and find this song helpful then I have done my job a thousand times over. In the African American community breastfeeding rates are lower than other ethnic groups. Breastfeeding also reduces the risks of many health disparities that are prevalent among African Americans. By doing this song and video not only does the world get to see Black mothers who are passionate about breastfeeding, but it also helps to diversify this specialty in healthcare that has been traditionally filled by white women. Hopefully this will inspire a new generation of mothers to provide their baby with the very best start in life."

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