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Obamacare and the government shutdown: The unconstitutional federal health care extortion scheme

Posted: October 8, 2013 |   Comments

( The North American Law Center (NALC) recently released a brief detailing the atrocity of Obamacare and how this unconstitutional law must be repealed for the sake of our nation. They prepared their document for the American people and the States, because they fear that Republicans in the House of Representatives will soon cave in to the extortive demands of Democrats.

The NALC contends that the Senate, under control of Democrat Harry Reid, plans to "'extort' money illegally and unconstitutionally from the American people under their Affordable Health Care Act in which the Federal Government is attempting to seize control of the health care industry, namely ALL related revenue."

The NALC's brief describes how the US Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was unconstitutional back in June of 2012.

One basis for the legislation's unconstitutionality is that it originated in the Senate, while the Constitution rests all power to "lay and collect taxes" in the House of Representatives, so "tax" revenue related bills are not allowed to come from the Senate. To get around this, the bill denied that it was a "tax," but the courts later attempted to rewrite Obamacare, making it a "tax" so it would appear to be constitutional. However, the bill is not in fact a "tax," and if it is, then its origin in the Senate makes it unconstitutional.

According to the NALC, "As an 'unconstitutional' piece of legislation, [Obamacare] has no legal force or effect. It is therefore "unconstitutional" for the House of Representatives to 'fund' an 'unconstitutional' act of the Senate and Executive Branch."

The NALC report then addresses the government shutdown and refers to the despicable tactics being used by the Obama administration, including shutting down just parts of government that people would notice and cutting off access to open air monuments on public land which belongs to the American people, not the Federal Government, to make things seem worse than they actually are.

The brief explains why Obamacare is extortion. The goal of the act is to allow the Federal Government to seize control of American health care, which makes up 1/7th of the total national economy. It will force the American people to purchase a "product" they might not even want "or face stiff 'penalties' from the I.R.S. which are already ruled "unconstitutional" by the Supreme Court."

This unconstitutional, tyrannical law negatively affects every state, business and American, and as such, each has legal standing to bring charges against those who helped pass it. Every citizen has a right and a duty to oppose Obamacare, before it completely destroys our freedom.

Right now, it is up to the Republicans in the House of Representatives to continue opposing Obamacare, right up to the budget deadline of October 17, 2013. Democrats have thus far refused to pass any bills defunding the ACA and have even refused to negotiate with the other party. The Democrat party's plan is to continue blaming Republicans for the shutdown, despite the fact that their party is actually trying to make it worse on the American public. But it is up to the Republicans to persevere and keep the government shutdown, past the deadline if necessary, until the Senate is forced to pass a budget without funding for Obamacare.

In conclusion: "House Republicans simply cannot fold like a cheap lawn chair this time. They must hold the line for the American people and completely defund ObamaCare, not delay it."

Click here to read the North American Law Center's full brief, "Shut Down of Federal Government Set to Uphold Federal Health Care Extortion Scheme."

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