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Special edition of 'The Great Culling' fluoride documentary with extended interviews in production

Posted: April 25, 2014 |   Comments

( The Great Culling: Our Water, a groundbreaking documentary exposing water fluoridation as a dangerous medical scam, is being remade as a special edition titled Fluoride: Poison on Tap.

The new version of the film will have a different beginning and ending, and several key scenes will be re-edited to reach a larger audience. The special edition will also have two DVDs loaded with hours of extended interviews featuring Mike Adams, Dr. David Kennedy, Gary Pittman, Paul Connett, Charlie Goetschel, Laura Pressley and more!

The film's producers will also "strengthen the film by adding a much more substantial SOLUTIONS segment that really lays out the practical things you can do to protect yourself and your loved ones," wrote filmmaker Paul Wittenberger. "This film is extremely important to get out there and we need your help!"

"We are looking for funding Partners to help us do this project!" Wittenberger continues. "You say well-- what's in it for me? If you become a Funding Partner for 200 dollars we will give you the FLUORIDE PACK. You will also be listed in the credits of the film as a FUNDING PARTNER."

"We are doing this in hopes for this film to reach and educate a larger group of people. We are looking to raise about 13,000 dollars to complete this project. Please support us as we make this happen over the course of the next 3 months! Thanks and God Bless!"

You can click here to watch The Great Culling: Our Water in its entirety. The contents of the Fluoride Pack can be viewed here, and donations for the film can be made here.

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