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Active shooters in schools: Arming campus cops is elementary

Posted: December 19, 2012 |   Comments

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has decreed that campus police at Princeton University don't need guns. OSHA said in a June ruling that despite Princeton's policy of not allowing its campus police officers to carry firearms in the conduct of their duty, the university has complied with OHSA regulations to protect its law enforcement employees against occupational hazards.

Jim Lanzi, the Crime Prevention Coordinator for the Department of Public Safety at Princeton, filed an anonymous complaint (his identity was later revealed) against the school with OSHA in which he stated - rightly so in our view - that by not allowing campus police the ability to carry guns, the university has created a workplace safety hazard. But OHSA sided with the University's contention that "Princeton Township and Borough police will be there when needed and on-campus public safety officers still do not need guns," according to a report in the Times of Trenton.

The OSHA ruling is just the latest setback in a series of efforts by Lanzi, who as the FOP president represents two dozen officers whose job it is to patrol the picturesque private campus that lies about halfway between New York and Philadelphia. Lanzi had written letters to the administration, from the university president on down to managers and cabinet-level offices, but the president never replied and he'd received minimal response from anyone else he had petitioned on the matter.

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