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European leaders to vote soon on approval of Pioneer's GM maize 1507

Posted: December 20, 2013 |   Comments

( Europe's leaders will soon decide whether or not to allow Pioneer's GM maize 1507 to be grown in Europe.

This GM crop produces its own insecticide and could pose a major threat to the health of humans, animals and the environment. No research has been done to determine what impact it could have on beneficial insects like bees, butterflies and other necessary pollinators. The maize is also tolerant to a highly toxic glufosinate-based weedkiller, which could cause weeds to become pesticide-resistant and lead to an increase in the amount of poison that has to be sprayed, as observed with previously introduced GMOs. Furthermore, safety assessments on the use of this weedkiller, which are required by European Union rules, have not been conducted.

Stop The Crop, a campaign for a sustainable, GMO-free future, are calling on those concerned about health and the environment to write to European countries' governments, urging them to reject the risky GM maize. You can visit their website here to select a country to whose minister you would like to write about this issue.

For more information about Pioneer's maize 1507, you can read this report prepared by Friends of the Earth Europe.

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