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The Health Ranger invites YOU to join the 2014 Food Revolution Summit for FREE!

Posted: April 24, 2014 |   Comments

( The 2014 Food Revolution Summit, hosted online by John and Ocean Robbins, is scheduled to take place April 26 through May 4 and will be broadcast worldwide. The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, is inviting Natural News readers and all those interested in obtaining true health knowledge to register for the FREE Food Revolution Summit now.

At this Summit, you will learn important information such as:

  • How to be virtually impervious to heart attacks without drugs, surgery or excessive exercise;
  • What foods can prevent (and even help fight) cancer;
  • How to avoid GMOs in grocery stores;
  • The truth about grass-fed beef and "humanely raised" animal products;
  • The effects that GMOs are having on life on Earth; and
  • Much more!

Those who choose to join the Summit will also recieve a Real Food Action Guide in addition to having access, over the phone or internet, to three highly focused half-hour interviews conducted by John Robbins every day for a week. These interviews will include such visionary speakers as Jane Goodall, PhD; Vani Hari, the "Food Babe"; Woody Harrelson; Mark Hyman, MD; and many others.

"It's time to rise up and demand change!" Robbins wrote about the nutritional and health problems in America. "This is why we've created this virtual summit. We want to bring the most up-to-date research and information to you about food, nutrition, disease prevention and environmental stewardship. So you can get involved and do your part to be the change."

Click here to visit the Food Revolution Summit website where you can register to join for FREE!

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