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The raw food diet for pets

Posted: May 29, 2012 |   Comments

For years, raw food enthusiasts have touted the health benefits of
uncooked food for humans. Now, some veterinarians and pet owners believe
that a raw meat diet is best for pets.

Sharon Misik, an actress
who adopted two Siberian huskies in 2008 from a pet rescue organization,
is a believer. After adopting the animals, Ms. Misik and her husband,
who live in Bradbury, Calif., spent thousands of dollars on specialized
diets and trips to veterinarians to treat a mysterious illness that
plagued their dogs, which had trouble eating and severe diarrhea and
seemed perpetually sick.

When nothing else worked, she decided to
try a raw food diet, even though several veterinarians discouraged it,
saying it would expose her dogs to harmful bacteria. A holistic
veterinarian encouraged her to start her dogs on a line of raw and
freeze-dried chicken and beef foods made by Stella and Chewy's, a Wisconsin-based pet food company.

The difference was immediate, Ms. Misik says.

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