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Florida school sets world record for recycling

Posted: May 15, 2012 |   Comments

Kids at Sugg Middle School in Florida don't just learn about history -- they make it.

For the last four years, students and faculty at Sugg have celebrated Earth Day
by hosting the Recycling Round-Up, an event aimed at collecting as many
plastic bottles as possible from throughout the school district over an
eight hour period. But what started as a lesson on the possibilities of
mass recycling soon turned into a heated competition on an
international scale.

When the program first debuted in 2009, spearheaded by Sugg Middle School social studies teacher Shannon DeGaetano, students managed to collect and recycle only 14,000 bottles.
Although it was certainly a positive contribution to the environment,
it wasn't exactly a remarkable feat. By 2010, however, thanks to some
extensive community outreach, that total had spiked to a whopping 5,440
pounds of plastic bottles -- earning the school a place in the Guinness
Book of World Records for most plastic bottles collected in eight hours.

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