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Organic farming could be our only hope to survive the onslaught of toxic pesticides

Posted: April 1, 2014 |   Comments

( Unlike modern conventional agriculture, which uses pesticides and chemicals indiscriminately in factory farms, organic farming relies on natural and traditional practices such as using home-made fertilizer, naturally occurring, plant-derived pesticides and pest repellants, and irrigation from open creeks.

Chemical pesticides are used in abundance across America, and studies have shown that exposure to these chemicals, even at low levels from just being in the vicinity, can cause life-threatening conditions, chronic disease and developmental disorders in children and unborn infants.

As noted by Deirdre Imus, founder of environmental health site, in an article for Fox News:

The EPA acknowledges that pesticide exposure causes problems, "that may occur over a long period of time," which basically means that any health problem experienced now or in the future by you or your kids could be caused by pesticides, or not. You'll never know for sure, and neither will I.

Despite this, pesticide use continues, increasingly, nationwide, especially on genetically modified crops that have been manipulated to resist herbicidal chemicals like glyphosate, the primary ingredient in Monsanto's Roundup, which contains a number of other chemicals that make the formula even more deadly.

The agricultural industry relies on pesticides and herbicides to protect their crops, and their profits, from infestations of pests and weeds, but there is nothing in place to protect consumers from those toxic chemicals. "For now, that responsibility falls to organic farmers, whose integrative practices, like using compost on crops, help avoid injections of carcinogenic chemicals into our food supply," Imus concludes.

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