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People can get a deadly vaccine as a reward for surrendering guns!

Posted: December 12, 2012 |   Comments

It is absurd but it is true that the authorities of Worcester, Massachusetts have proposed a preposterous plan of awarding citizens with free flu vaccines for surrendering their guns. It is a part of the annual "Goods for Guns Buyback Program" in the city. The authorities now look forward to making this program successful. Disarming the American public has long been a desire of the U.S.president and this program will be organized solely to fulfill that desire. But the most absurd thing is that people who will turn in their firearms will be given flu vaccines full of harmful chemicals deemed safe by big pharmaceutical companies.

This program is designed to ruin the American public both economically and medically. First of all, the flu vaccines, laden with harmful chemicals, are going to take a heavy toll on the health of the general public. Though government agencies and pharmaceutical companies claim that these vaccines are absolutely safe, Natural News reports that they are perfectly designed to keep people in a state of perpetual illness. These vaccines are infested with harmful chemicals that can give rise to serious diseases.

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