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Scientists condemn FDA's 'disingenuous' findings on BPA, say, 'It borders on scientific misconduct'

Posted: March 24, 2014 |   Comments

( If you were confused by a recent report put out by the Food and Drug Administration which claimed "that BPA is safe as currently used," then you have every reason to be, as a group of scientists say that the study not only was misleading but also "borders on scientific misconduct."

One major problem with the study is that the lab where the research rats were housed was contaminated, so all the animals, including those in what would have been the control group, were exposed to bisphenol-A (BPA). The FDA claimed that this had no effect on the outcome but decided to hide that detail near the bottom of the paper, which also omitted key information, such as some dramatic effects seen in the same group of animals.

"If your controls are contaminated, you've got a failed experiment and the data should be discarded," said Gail S. Prins, a professor of physiology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, referring to what the FDA should know is basic science. "I'm baffled that any journal would even publish this."

"The way the FDA presented its findings is so disingenuous," said one scientist who works closely with the agency, as reported by Mother Jones. "It borders on scientific misconduct."

Professor Prins is working on a taxpayer-funded project, CLARITY-BPA, whose purpose is to find the most effective methods for assessing the effects of BPA and to ensure that they shape government policy. "The FDA is essentially preempting our findings," he said. "Right now, people are being told that BPA is harmless. As the CLARITY data trickles out over the next few years, the public is just going to be confused."

Contrary to the FDA's findings, around 1,000 published studies have shown harmful health effects resulting from exposure to BPA, even at low levels, including cancer, diabetes, obesity and endocrine disruption.

Be sure to visit Mother Jones to read Mariah Blake's full report on this issue.

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