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Columbine shooting victim Mark Taylor being forcefully drugged and held under psychiatric detention

Posted: September 5, 2012 |   Comments

Are forced druggings, indefinite psychiatric detention, and mysterious deaths part of a plot to cover up police rape being the cause of the Columbine shootings?

Columbine shooting victim Mark Taylor is being forcefully drugged and held under psychiatric detention after years of activism against the Big Pharma companies that made the drugs believed to have sent the shooters into their psychotic rage. But that's just the beginning of a more sinister story which involves other victims being treated the same or dying under mysterious circumstances. Families and friends of the Columbine shooting say it all appears to be part of a larger police cover up of numerous events prior to the Columbine mass shooting. Those events include an alleged rape of the shooters by police from the same agency responsible for the investigation and a failure to execute a search warrant prior to the shooting that would have unveiled the shooters plan and turned up evidence implicating fellow officers in the alleged rape.

Editor's Note: Mark Taylor's mother is desperately seeking a lawyer to file paperwork for international political asylum to end the forced drugging and indefinite psychiatric detention being used to silence him. Please contact me if you can help in this matter.

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