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Gardasil leads other vaccines with highest number of abortion and miscarriage incidents

Posted: August 1, 2013 |   Comments

( According to a National Vaccine Information Center MedAlerts blog entry written in November 2010, the incidents of abortion and still birth events related to Gardasil are higher than the same events related to all other vaccines.

The research and post was written by Steven M. Rubin, Ph.D., a computer scientist who maintains the online searchable VAERS database, MedAlerts.

In his blog entry on MedAlerts, Dr. Rubin states that "It has been suggested that the H1N1 Flu vaccine causes miscarriages. This month, I want to see if the claim is supported by VAERS data."

Dr. Rubin explains how it is determined whether a VAERS event resulted in a miscarriage. "VAERS uses the MedDRA symptom classification, which organizes all known symptoms at five levels of detail. At the second level of detail is an entry "Abortions and stillbirth" which has under it "Abortion related conditions and complications", "Abortions spontaneous", "Stillbirth and foetal death" and "Abortions not specified as induced or spontaneous". Each of these is further refined into specific symptoms. So it seems that this second-level term (or as it is known in MedDRA, the High-Level Group Term or HLGT) is a valid way to identify miscarriages."

Rubin surmised that the data would "surely favor vaccines that have been given for 21 years over those that have been recently introduced, because such vaccines will have been given much more, and so will have produced many more symptoms." Based on this, we would expect the graph he made from the data to de-emphasize the H1N1 Flu vaccine, which had only been existence for a single year and therefore had not been administered to as many patients as other vaccines.

However, the VAERS data proved him wrong. Dr. Rubin acknowledges the "results are shocking. First of all, the H1N1 Flu vaccine has appeared in miscarriage events more often than almost any other vaccine."


The graph has even more shocking results than that, however. The vaccine that took the top spot, appearing in 297 of the VAERS records associated with miscarriage, is Gardasil. This is especially surprising considering that the vaccine had only existed for 4 years at the time of Rubin's research.

Rubin advises pregnant women to "read the product manufacturer's insert for the vaccine they are considering and speak with one or more trusted health care professionals before making a decision about vaccination during pregnancy."

For safety reasons, pregnant women are usually not included in the clinical trials for vaccines, because of this, very little is known about what side effects a vaccine may cause during pregnancy. The studies that have been done generally focus on more extremely noticeable consequences like teratogenic effects. Little attention has been paid to more subtle effects such as those on placental development, fetal weight or the effects of the vaccine or its adjuvant on the maternal immune system.

SANEVax is outraged that a vaccine that is a "relative newcomer" has the highest incident of induced abortions and stillbirth rates higher than any other vaccine on the market. There is no doubt the vaccine's safety and efficacy has not been thoroughly investigated. And independent investigation on the safety and efficacy of the HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix must be conducted before there are more injuries and deaths.

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